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Youth in Transition Toolkit:


Transition framework

Adopt Minnesota's framework for high-quality transition programming

E1MN worked with transition leaders statewide to create a single framework that defines high quality transition programming. The resulting framework provides shared learning expectations to help build a more consistent experience for Minnesota youth and those who support them.  

The framework includes:

  • Learning expectations organized by four domains, each broken down into learning topics and learning stages
  • Guiding principles and shared practices to build a common approach 
  • Centralized resources, guidance and tools to support implementation and make your job easier
  • Strong partnerships to coordinate supports around the person

The framework helps youth: 

  • Use self-determination and leadership skills to envision and advocate for their best life
  • Successfully live as independently as possible, becoming part of the community they choose and living in housing that works for them
  • Find competitive, integrated work they enjoy
  • Access postsecondary education and training options
  • Learning expectations
    Explore the stages of learning that help youth prepare for their best adult lives.

  • Guiding principles
    Adopt guiding principles and values to build a cohesive experience and improve outcomes.

  • Shared practices
    Discover shared practices that support a person-centered experience for youth and their families.

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