Health coverage

Health coverage — which many people refer to as simply health insurance — helps pay for medical costs. With the right type of coverage, you can make sure that your health care needs are met. Whether you're working or not, you have access to various types of coverage.

When you're thinking about health coverage, you might wonder: 

  • What are my options for coverage? If you're on Medical Assistance (MA), your options might include Special Needs BasicCare (SNBC), fee-for-service (FFS) coverage or private insurance. If you're working, you might qualify for employer-based insurance.
  • Does my current coverage meet my needs? If you have health insurance already, you might be well covered — or you might have gaps that need to be addressed.
  • What services are covered? You can work with your case manager or care coordinator to understand the specifics of different health plans. If you have health insurance through an employer, you might be able to ask questions of the human resources staff or a plan representative. 
  • Does the coverage include prescriptions? You can look for a health plan that makes your medications affordable. Or, you may be able to enroll in Medicare drug coverage.
  • Can I keep my coverage if my circumstances change? You can learn how and when to report changes — such as a job change, a birth or a death — that might affect your coverage. You can take steps to make sure you have steady coverage.


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