Options and rights

A good relationship with your doctor or other health care provider is good for your health. The more comfortable you feel with your provider, the easier it'll be to talk openly — and the happier you'll be with your health care.  

When considering your health care options and rights, you might wonder: 

  • What type of provider should I visit? Choose a provider who accepts your health insurance. This might be a doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or other provider who understands your disability and can address your health care needs.
  • What values are important to me? You deserve a health care provider who treats you with respect, explains things in a way you understand, and gives you — and those who support you — the time you need.
  • What are my options if a certain provider isn't a good fit? You can visit a different health care provider at your primary clinic or look for another clinic. You can get referrals from your family, friends and other contacts.
  • How do I manage my health care directive? Your health care directive outlines your health care wishes, including who you'd like to make decisions for you in case you can't make decisions for yourself. It's important to share your directive with your family, friends and health care provider.


Learn more

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  • Understand your rights and responsibilities as a patient
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  • Create a health care directive

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