Other health care programs

Most Americans get health insurance through an employer or a family member's employer. This is called employer-sponsored group health coverage. If you don't have access to employer-sponsored coverage and you're not eligible for Medical Assistance (MA) or Medicare, you might benefit from a program such as MinnesotaCare or MNsure. 

If you're considering any of these programs, you might wonder: 

  • Is employer-sponsored coverage right for me? Although the right answer depends on your specific needs, employer-sponsored coverage is often the best choice. You might get employer-sponsored coverage with other programs, such as MA.
  • What about MinnesotaCare? MinnesotaCare is a health insurance program for people with low to middle incomes who don't have access to Medicare, Medical Assistance or employer-sponsored coverage. Monthly premiums are based on your income.
  • What do I need to know about MNsure? MNsure is a single marketplace where you can compare and buy individual health insurance plans — and the only place where you can get help from the government to pay for private insurance (if you qualify).


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The Hub team can help you: 

  • Understand employer-sponsored coverage, MinnesotaCare and MNsure
  • Choose the best coverage
  • Apply for MinnesotaCare or buy coverage through MNsure
  • Find health care providers who accept your plan

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