Part of being an adult is taking care of your health — and explaining your needs to others. As you get older, you can choose people to be part of your health care team. Together, you can make sure you're taking the right steps to stay healthy today and into the future. 

As you get ready to manage your own health care, you're likely to have questions: 

  • How do I make decisions about my health care? You can ask questions when you don't understand something. While you're learning about your health, you can ask for help from loved ones or others who support you.
  • How do I manage my medications? Your health care provider can help you understand why you're taking certain medications, how to take them correctly and how to manage side effects.
  • What if I have special health care needs? You can find a health care provider who understands your disability and can help you manage your needs.


Learn more

For youth: 

Planning and managing your own health and career goals | Youth Transitions Collaborative

For parents or guardians: 

Transitioning to adult health care | Minnesota Department of Health


How the Hub can help

The Hub team can help you and your parents or guardians: 

  • Understand how to access health care
  • Plan for a transition to adult health care
  • Find a health care provider

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