Affording a home

If you've always wanted a place of your own, you can make that goal a reality. You can earn and save enough money to reach your housing goals. If needed, you can explore programs that can help you find and pay for housing and any services you might need in your home. 

You can start by asking some important questions: 

  • What can I afford? Depending on what you earn, aim to spend no more than 30 percent of your income on rent or a mortgage.
  • What if my income isn't enough to pay for my preferred housing? If you can't afford your ideal place or an acceptable alternative, you can consider programs to help you pay for the housing you want and the services you need.
  • Could I enroll in a voucher program or live in public housing? These programs— such as the Section 8 housing choice voucher program — would help you pay for rent in certain privately-owned apartments. Most people pay about 30 to 40 percent of their income as rent and the voucher program pays the rest. The waiting lists for these programs can be very long, so you may need to find other ways to meet your short-term goals.
  • Would I qualify for cash benefits? Cash benefits — such as Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA) Housing Assistance or Housing Support Services (formerly known as Group Residential Housing or GRH) — might be an option if you can't afford to pay for housing. If you're on a Medical Assistance (MA) waiver program, you might be able to use the caregiver living expense.


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How the Hub can help

The Hub team can help you: 

  • Build a housing plan
  • Create a housing budget
  • Do an estimator session to see how work and housing benefits can go together
  • Connect to housing resources
  • Plan next steps

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