Housing goals

If you live in the community, you have flexibility, choice and the ability to direct your own services and supports. As you think about your housing goals, ask yourself: 

  • What kind of place can I afford? Housing may be your biggest expense. Take a careful look at your current and future budgets.
  • What if I share a place? If you choose to have a roommate, you could cut your expenses in half.
  • Do I qualify for benefits that would help with a specific type of housing? Options might include Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA) Housing Assistance, waivers for caregiver living expenses, voucher programs or Section 8. Some of these benefits have long wait lists, so it's important to plan early.
  • Can I get the help I need if I live in my own place? Many services — such as help with medication, housekeeping or getting dressed — can be provided at home. Skilled nursing care can often be provided at home, too.
  • What if I've been homeless in the past or don't have a steady place to stay now? You can get the help you need with Minnesota's Coordinated Entry System. With help, the end result may still be a place of your own.


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  • Make a housing plan

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