Options and rights

Whether you live on your own or in a group home or other shared setting, you have rights and choices.

For example, landlords must allow reasonable accommodations that help people with disabilities enjoy the same housing options as anyone else. Another rule — the Home and Community-Based Services rule, or HCBS for short — gives you more choices about how you live, work and enjoy life in the community.

If you wonder about your housing rights, you can learn the facts:

  • What are my rights if I live in a shared setting? In a shared place, you're allowed to lock your door, decorate your room or unit as you like, and choose your roommate. You have the right to move around shared spaces freely without barriers that could cause you to fall or trip — even if you're in a wheelchair or use a walker.
  • Can I make changes to a rented place? You can work with your landlord to make reasonable changes that would allow you to live or remain in the space.
  • What if I experience housing discrimination? If you think you've been discriminated against, you can seek advice from a local legal aid office or other legal provider.


Learn more

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