Staying in a home

If you like your current housing, your goal might be to continue living there — even if your situation is changing. Whether your physical condition is keeping you from walking up and down the stairs, you're having difficulty preparing your own meals or you're worried about losing the benefits that cover your housing costs, you might have more options to remain where you are than you realized. 

For example: 

  • Could I modify my place to make it more accessible? You might add handrails and grab bars in key places or install a home stair lift. Wider door frames might better accommodate a walker or wheelchair. If cost is a concern, various programs are available to help pay for these changes.
  • Could I use supports or services to help me stay in my place? If you're having difficulty with daily tasks, you might hire someone to help with bathing, dressing or other routine activities. A housekeeper might prepare meals, handle grocery shopping and clean your place. A transportation service may be available for appointments and other outings.
  • Could I make my place more affordable? If cost is a concern, you might consider working more hours or finding a job that pays more. Or, you might qualify for programs that would reduce your expenses, such as Medical Assistance (MA), SNAP or Minnesota's Energy Assistance Program. If you're paying more than 40 percent of your income toward housing and you're on Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you might be able to get Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA) Housing Assistance.
  • Could I ask my landlord for reasonable accommodations? If you're a renter, your landlord might be willing — or legally required — to make changes in rules or policies that would make it easier for you to continue living in the place.


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