Meet Kylie: Age 20, DD Waiver and VRS

Through collaboration, state and federal funds can be used together in creative ways to help people with disabilities achieve competitive integrated employment. To see an example of this collaboration in action, meet Kylie — a 20-year-old with a Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver and Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS).

Kylie's story

Kylie is in a high school transition program.

Team approach

Kylie's school work coordinator had a person-centered, informed choice conversation about work with Kylie. While talking to Kylie, the work coordinator discovered Kylie loved going to her local salon and thought she might like to work there. Knowing Kylie was moving toward employment, the work coordinator invited a VRS counselor to Kylie's Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting. A week later, Kylie applied and was found eligible for VRS services. The work coordinator contacted the salon to inquire about job possibilities.


With school support, Kylie interviewed at the salon and was hired! She works 10 hours a weekend. School support isn't available over the weekend, so VRS authorized seven hours of job coaching to support Kylie as she started her job. Kylie was able to work with natural supports when the seven hours of job coaching ended.

If Kylie had needed ongoing support once stabilized in her position, job coaching through supported employment services would have been authorized through her DD Waiver.

See Kylie's story shown as a collaborative model.

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