Olmstead Plan and Employment First

Minnesota's Olmstead Plan and the resulting Employment First initiative work together to support employment integration and opportunities for Minnesotans with disabilities. 

The Olmstead Plan is a series of key activities the state of Minnesota must accomplish to ensure community integration for people with disabilities. The plan helps Minnesotans with disabilities to:

  • Live close to their family and friends
  • Live more independently
  • Engage in productive employment
  • Participate in community life

Meanwhile, Employment First is a national movement that supports competitive employment for all working-age people with disabilities. In Minnesota, Employment First means competitive, integrated employment for all people with disabilities — with employment prioritized ahead of other supports and services.

Neither the Olmstead Plan nor Employment First require Minnesotans with disabilities to work. Instead, state agencies are required to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities and to make sure processes are in place to help people with disabilities make informed decisions about employment.


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