Person-centered practice

Minnesota is moving toward person-centered practices in all areas of service delivery. As a state, Minnesota strives to make sure people with disabilities live, learn, work and enjoy life in the most integrated setting. The goal is for people to lead lives that are meaningful to them. 

A person-centered support system helps people: 

  • Build or maintain relationships with their families and friends
  • Live as independently as possible
  • Engage in productive activities, such as employment
  • Participate in community life 


Learn more

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Training courses

Person-centered counseling | Minnesota Department of Human Services



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Integrating work and benefits in person-centered planning: What needs to change (10:00) | Disability Benefits 101

Think differently: Challenging misconceptions about work (12:00) | Disability Benefits 101

Communicate differently: Changing the conversation about work (3:52) | Disability Benefits 101

Work differently: Best practices to improve work outcomes (14:25) | Disability Benefits 101

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