PIPEin outcomes

The Professional Input Panel for Employment, or PIPEin, is an interagency committee that develops employment tools, resources and policies to meet the needs of people and employment support professionals across Minnesota. Outcomes of specific PIPEin activities are summarized here.

Survey: Supported Employment PBA Milestone Structure

In September 2020, nearly 40 PIPEin members who identified as VRS employment services providers participated in a survey on the Performance-Based Agreement (PBA) Milestone Structure (the payment structure used by DEED-VRS to pay for job search services). Overall, participants said that more frequent payments would be a positive change from the current structure. Participants also suggested:

  • Providing payments earlier in the employment process (to reflect the heavier workload in the early stages of the process)
  • Providing multiple milestone payments (such as at the signed placement plan meeting and after completing the first employment shift)

For details, check this summary of survey feedback

Focus group: Online tool

In August 2020, nearly 30 PIPEin members participated in a focus group to provide input on an online tool that can be used to store and share documents, create contact lists and teams, and complete and share activity results. Participants represented waiver case managers and lead agency staff, VRS/SSB staff and employment service providers. 

The participants saw considerable potential in the online tool, believing that it could streamline their work, create efficiencies, prevent the need to repeat certain processes, and serve as a more accurate and updated resource for contacts and benefits information.

Focus group participants also highlighted some concerns about the tool, such as a need for information within the tool to be continuously updated to be useful. Other concerns centered around accessibility, confidentiality of information, limited access to technology or the internet, and extra time required to use the tool.

Participants also highlighted the need for training on the tool and offered suggestions for how to structure the training, such as offering training that accommodates different learning styles and establishing ongoing supports after the initial training. 

For details, check this summary of focus group findings.

Survey: Revised waiver employment exploration service definition

In June 2020, nearly 130 PIPEin members completed a survey to provide input on the proposed changes to waiver employment exploration services.

Respondents shared a wide range of ideas, questions, suggestions and some concerns through their responses. Overall, respondents understood the proposed changes to the service and thought the outcome products would be useful in achieving employment goals. The most uncertainty was with Vault accounts and the navigator service. 

Survey feedback will be used to guide the redesign of the waiver exploration service and in communications and training regarding the revised service. 

For details, check this summary of survey feedback.


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