Options and rights

You have the right to control your money and build a strong credit rating. You also have the right to protect your money and your financial identity. You can ask for help with any of these things from someone you know and trust, such as a family member. In some cases, you may be given a representative payee. 

When considering your financial options and rights, you might wonder: 

  • How can I protect my money? Even if your income is low, you can find free or low-cost accounts at a bank or credit union. You don't need to default to expensive check cashing services or finance companies. 
  • What if my request to open an account is denied? You can ask for an explanation, and then look for ways to correct any issues. For example, you can pay the balance on any overdrawn accounts or write a complaint letter to correct any mistakes in your credit report.
  • What would a representative payee do for me? If you need help managing your Social Security benefits, the Social Security Administration may select someone to receive your benefits and pay your bills. This person — known as your representative payee — should be someone who sees you often and knows you and your needs. 


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