Earning money and learning how to manage it are important parts of being independent. Working and carefully managing your money can help you have freedom and options. Starting out on the right foot can help you live your best life. 

As you get older, you're likely to have questions about money: 

  • What do I want for my future? Think about what you want, and then make a plan for how to get there.
  • What do I need to know about managing my money? Money management is about earning, spending and saving wisely. It's never too early to start learning these skills.
  • How can I earn my own money? You can use your interests and skills to find a job you care about. To get ready to work, you might need to take classes, enroll in a training program or have an apprenticeship.
  • When should I start saving? The earlier you begin planning and saving, the more likely you are to have enough money for the life you want. You can talk about a financial plan with your family and other adults you trust, such as a teacher or coach. You can also connect with a financial adviser to help you think about your future and make a plan to get where you want to be.
  • What happens to my benefits if I work? You can work and keep your benefits. In fact, when you work, you'll make more money than if you simply remain on benefits alone.


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For youth:

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How the Hub can help

The Hub team can help you and your parents or guardians: 

  • Understand your options and connect with the supports you need to work, earn and save money
  • Find out how going to school or work may affect your benefits
  • Connect to financial training and other money management resources

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