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E1MN news and updates - June 2021

Starting in July, 2021, DHS and DEED will be implementing interagency agreements as part of our E1MN partnership. To prepare for these agreements, we have made trainings and resources available for stakeholders to use. We’re following up on previous communications and updating you on some important resources and opportunities to prepare for aligning waiver and VRS/SSB supports.

Core training recordings posted

You now can access recorded videos of the E1MN Core Training on the E1MN training and events page under the “Core Training” section. The training is broken into five sections so they are shorter and you can watch them more easily.

Background: When first presented in April 2021, more than 1,200 people attended. Of the 455 attendees who completed the post-training evaluation survey, 96 percent reported they agreed the core training provided them with information valuable to their work. 

Charting the LifeCourse - Employment and E1MN workshops

In late June, DHS and DEED are hosting three workshops to prepare employment service providers and VRS/SSB staff to use the Charting the LifeCourse (CtLC) framework and tools in employment. This is still space to attend. Go to the Charting the LifeCourse (CtLC) – Employment and E1MN Session Information page to register, view session dates and get more information.

Background: CtLC framework and tools are an important strategy to create more person-centered transitions between programs. These tools will help employment service providers and VRS/SSB staff learn more about the planning phase of employment development services.

E1MN website updates

If you haven’t visited the E1MN website in the Work Toolkit of the Disability Hub MN page recently, stop by for new updates.  Many sections of this page are new, including the:

  1. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) – new questions and answers have been added
  2. Training and events - recordings of trainings have been added, including slides/audio recording of support planning learning community webinars that addressed the Engage, Plan, Find, Keep framework.
  3. PIPEin feedback - new reports were added in the stakeholder engagement section

Reminder: Waiver employment service providers should enroll to provide VR services

If you are a waiver employment provider and help people find jobs, you should enroll as a VR provider to continue to provide those services. DHS will issuing guidance in early July that will make clear that VRS/SSB, not the waiver, is the primary payer for job search services (the “Find” phase).

That means you no longer will be able to provide job search supports through waiver employment development services. To provide job search services, you need to enroll with VR. 

If you have not already considered dually enrolling in programs, visit the VRS/SSB community partner guide.

More information

You can view the recording of the “Benefits of becoming both 245D and VRS/SSB service providers” webinar that DHS and DEED held in April. It on the E1MN training and events page under the provider trainings section. 

Thank you for all of the thoughtful contributions and questions as we work together to align waiver, VRS and SSB programs. 

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