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Employment First eList: October 2021

We heard you!
Many of you told us it would be helpful to have tools to help people identify and reach their work goals. Good news! New tools have been added to the Hub work toolkit under hands-on tools. Here, you'll find tools to help people build an employment portfolio that will set them up for a successful job search. While the specific items in a person's portfolio will depend on their preferences and needs, options include: 

  • One-page profile to let people know what's important to and for them
  • Like and admire activity to list what people like and admire about them  
  • Life trajectory to describe what they want and don't want in a job 
  • Integrated supports star to identify the resources they have — and the resources they'll need — for work 
  • List of people who can support them with work, including contact information 
  • List of what they value in work and what will help them be satisfied in a job 
  • DB101 benefits lookup so they're sure of their benefits 
  • DB101 estimator session results so they know what's likely to happen to their benefits when they work
  • Learning log to help them think about past experiences, including what worked well and what didn't
  • Resume 
  • Sample job application 
  • Positive summary to highlight what was learned during the plan phase 

All of the items in the person's portfolio can be stored in their My Vault account and shared with people who support them in employment.  

Dive in to check your knowledge
Many of us learn by doing. Take a few minutes to complete this challenge!

Under hands-on tools in the work toolkit:

  1. Find information about My Vault. If you don't have a My Vault account, create one.
  2. Find the life trajectory worksheet. Use it with someone you support to identify what the person wants and doesn't want, plus steps to move closer to their employment goal.
  3. Find the template for a visual resume. Look at Mandy's sample and think of a person you support who might benefit from a similar resume. Help them create one, or connect them with resources that can help.

Guide to handy links for E1MN 
The work toolkit offers helpful materials and details on training opportunities for E1MN interagency work. Use the links below to navigate the toolkit:

E1MN training and events

  • Get the basics on E1MN roles and responsibilities. Watch four short training videos describing best practices and responsibilities for each role and phase of the Engage | Plan | Find | Keep framework. The videos are available under E1MN training and events.
  • Attend a regional collaboration event. To jump start or expand partnerships critical to a person-centered employment supports system, register for a series of regional collaboration meetings. Get details under E1MN training and events.
  • Learn how to become a Social Security Ticket to Work Employment Network. The American Dream Employment Network is hosting an informational event for people interested in becoming service providers under the Ticket to Work program. The event will take place on November 2 from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.
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