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Employment First eList: September 2021

We heard you!

Many of you told us you need more information to apply E1MN's Engage | Plan | Find | Keep framework with the people you support. Good news! New information and resources have been added to the work toolkit and more are in the works. This is the first in a series of announcements to help you learn about these resources.

In the work toolkit, the supporting people on waivers section gives you access to protocols and tools you can use to support people through every phase of the Engage | Plan | Find | Keep framework. Today we'll focus on the plan and find phases.

Use the plan section to:

  • Understand the expected outcomes and service activities of waiver employment development-plan phase services
  • Find out how to locate and get connected to a service provider
  • Learn how to help the people you support build an employment portfolio and positive summary, including how they can be used to support better employment outcomes and document informed choice
  • Get information and tips on how to effectively work with Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS)/State Services for the Blind (SSB)

Use the find section to:

  • Learn more about VRS/SSB
  • Get details on the VRS/SSB referral process
  • See how the positive summary and things learned in the engage and plan phases are used by VRS/SSB to support a successful job search
  • Learn how VRS/SSB staff work with waivers to set people up for employment success

Dive in to check your knowledge

Many of us learn by doing. Take a few minutes to complete this challenge!

In the work toolkit:

  1. Find tools to help with person-centered discovery. Choose one to use with a person you support.
  2. Find the list of VRS/SSB liaisons. Jot down contact information for the VRS/SSB liaison in your area.
  3. Find the list of dually enrolled providers (those enrolled as both a waiver and VRS/SSB employment provider). Note how many dually enrolled providers are available in your area.

Regional launch events

DHS and DEED are partnering with the Improve Group to offer regional collaboration meetings to help local areas jump start or expand existing collaboration efforts to build a coordinated, person-centered employment support system. Check out this launch event announcement for dates, times and other details.

DHS updates and reminders

In July, DHS issued guidance for the new Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code modifiers for waiver employment services — which lead agencies must now use to separately authorize the plan and find phases of waiver employment development services. For details, see the DSD eList announcement and the CBSM guidance for employment services authorization.

Did you know?

The Engage | Plan | Find | Keep framework (PDF) shows how waiver employment services and supports through VRS/SSB support people at different stages of their path to employment. Remember, though, this doesn't have to be a sequential process.

People can move in and out of one phase to the next at any point, depending on what services they need. For example, a person at a sheltered workshop might decide they want to start looking for a competitive integrated job in the community. If they have a job in mind and understand what it means to work in competitive integrated employment, they could move directly to find phase services with VRS/SSB. There is no requirement to move sequentially from engage to plan or from find to keep. Base the conversation and the services on the person's needs at a specific point in time.

Dive in to check your knowledge answer key

  1. Supporting people on waivers: Plan (Building the employment portfolio – including outcome products)
  2. Supporting people on waivers: Find (Referring directly to VRS/SSB – connecting with VRS/SSB)
  3. Supporting people on waivers: Plan (How to find dually enrolled providers and Results)
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