Work training

Your skills are the things you do well. At work, learning new skills can prepare you for a new job or help you advance your career. The more skills you have, the more confident you're likely to be. 

When you think about work skills, you might ask: 

  • What skills do I have now? Basic work skills are things like reading, writing and math. Other work skills might involve solving problems and making decisions. Skills such as teamwork and leadership can be especially valuable at work.
  • What skills should I develop? You know your strengths, and you can learn new skills to bridge any gaps. You might work on the skills needed for a certain job or type of job.
  • What are some ways to develop these skills? You can learn new skills by reading books or other materials, taking training classes, participating in on-the-job training or working with a mentor.
  • How can I tell an employer about my skills? You can describe your work skills in your resume and any online profiles. You can also discuss your skills during interviews.


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