Reading, writing and math are basic life skills. So are listening, speaking and getting along with others. When you're comfortable with these things, you'll have an easier time in school and life. 

To help you do your best in school, you might wonder: 

  • Can I take regular classes? The law requires an inclusive education system for people with disabilities. If you're able, this means that you can learn right alongside students without disabilities.
  • What if I need help at school? Many students with disabilities have an Individualized Education Program, or IEP for short. The IEP is a written plan explaining your needs and goals at school. You can participate in your IEP meetings to make sure the plan makes sense to you.
  • What can I do to build life skills on my own? You can ask your parents to help you practice real-life situations, such as making change or giving directions. When you face a problem, think about possible solutions before asking for help.


Learn more

For youth:

A student's guide to the IEP | LD Online

For parents or guardians:

Parent special education information | Pacer Center

An IEP guide for Minnesota parents | Pacer Center


How the Hub can help 

The Hub team can help you and your parents or guardians: 

  • Set educational goals
  • Connect to tools and resources for special education
  • Plan next steps 

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