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Assistive Technology topics:

Common Questions

Here, read common questions about assistive technology.

People of all ages and abilities can benefit from assistive technology. Assistive technology can help you: 

  • Tell your computer to write an email 
  • Open a jar 
  • Keep your food plate in one place on the table 
  • Reach for something up high or down low 
  • Remind you to contact a friend or take your medicine 
  • Hold onto a bottle of your favorite beverage 

A System of Technology to Achieve Results, or STAR, works to help all Minnesotans with disabilities gain access to the assistive technology they need to live, learn, work and play.  

STAR can help you or a loved one with device demonstrations, equipment loans and trainings. 

Contact the Minnesota STAR Program for help finding what type of assistive technology is right for you.

Yes! You can borrow a device through the Minnesota STAR Program’s online AT lending library to try at home, school, work, or while you play before deciding to buy it. There is no cost to borrow an item. 

Visit to browse and loan items today. Or call 1-888-234-1267 for more information about this free service.