VIP outcomes

The Virtual Insight Panel, or VIP, is a diverse group of Minnesotans who volunteer to shape and inform communications and programs for people with disabilities. Here's a summary of recent VIP activity. 

Website review: Autism Resource Portal

In summer 2018, VIP members provided vital feedback for the Autism Resource Portal. Data collected through a VIP survey will be used to make the site more user friendly for people with autism and their families. For example, VIP members recommended:

  • Adding more Minnesota-based resources to support the original task force goal of serving as a resource portal
  • Making the site easier to navigate for people who are on the spectrum
  • Reducing distractions on individual pages
  • Improving organization of content and categories (home, education, community, transition, technology, health care)

Document review: Key employment messages

In spring 2018, more than 60 Virtual Insight Panel members provided feedback about key employment messages that will be used by multiple state agencies that help people with disabilities find employment. VIP members recommended:

  • Clarifying the target audience
  • Providing more details about available resources and next steps
  • Better describing how work can impact all aspects of a person's life