Work and benefits

If you're like most people who receive disability benefits, you want to work — but you're worried about how work will affect your benefits. That's OK. With careful planning, you can work and keep your benefit safety net.  

To ease your mind, consider answers to these common questions: 

  • What happens to my benefits if I work? Work and benefits can go together to support your goals. Special rules called work incentives let you get benefits or keep benefits longer when you work.
  • What are SSDI work incentives? These incentives are for people who get Social Security Disability Insurance. The incentives can help you get a job while keeping your benefits.
  • What about SSI work incentives? If you get Supplemental Security Income, you can try out a job and even earn and save money while keeping your SSI benefits.
  • Can I keep my health coverage? In Minnesota, it's nearly impossible to lose health coverage simply because of work. In fact, if you work, you might become eligible for employer-sponsored coverage.
  • Can I get benefits back if I lose them? If you work your way out of a benefit but then need it again, work incentives can help you get the benefit back quickly.


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How the Hub can help

The Hub team can help you:

  • Understand your benefits and how they support work
  • Complete an estimator session to find out how working or working more may affect your benefits, health coverage and total income
  • Identify and set up work incentives that might apply in your situation 
  • Manage your benefits while working

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