Finding and keeping a home.

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“I want to live life like everybody else. I've got a job and I've rented an apartment. I'm figuring out what living the American dream really is.”
– A Hub user

Housing topics:

Youth and housing

Are you thinking about moving out of your family home and into your own place? There's a lot to consider.

To get started, check out The Apartment in the Youthhood website. You'll get tips on being independent, getting around, managing your money, staying safe and more.

You can also try the build your dream activity (PDF). With this activity, you think about where you want to live and what you want to do — and then you think about how much it will cost.  

We can help, too! Hub staff can help you:

  • Find community resources for housing
  • Navigate the system
  • Advocate for yourself (for example, with a three-way phone call)
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