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Making work part of your plan.

A person with long hair and glasses is smiling at the camera. We can see their eyes and nose, but the photo is cropped above their mouth.

“I had a job coach for my first job. After 40 hours, I could work on my own. Anyone can work with the right kind of help.”
– A Hub user

Work topics:

Work: Overview

With a job you like, you can use your talents and skills to build your future. When you work in the community, you have more chances to meet new people, develop new skills, gain more freedom, and earn more money. This is the idea behind Employment First (PDF), a national movement that believes all people with disabilities should have opportunities to work in the community.

To learn about Employment First, check out our flyer on your right to work (PDF) and watch the What is Employment First? (2:49) video published by RTC Media.

Whether you know you want to work in the community or you're unsure, the Hub can help you make connections, explore work options, set goals and take next steps.

In this section, consider how you can make work part of your plan.