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Finding and keeping a home.

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“I want to live life like everybody else. I've got a job and I've rented an apartment. I'm figuring out what living the American dream really is.”
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Housing topics:

Housing options

When you think about housing, you'll need to decide whether to rent or buy. You might also consider living with a roommate or in a supervised setting.

If you rent, you have choice and flexibility in where you live. You might also have help maintaining your home. You'll sign a lease and pay rent to the owner or landlord. You'll work with the owner or landlord to address any issues.

Market rate
If you're looking for a place to rent and don't need help paying for where you live, you'll have many options. You can talk to family, friends and neighbors to find out if they know of any places for rent, or you can search online. To get started, check out Housing Link and Housing Benefits 101.

Affordable housing
If you need help paying for where you live, you can apply for programs to make housing more affordable. Check out this helpful chart on ways to pay for rent or housing (PDF). You can also use affordable housing search tools to get started.

Tenant rights
As a renter, you have rights. Knowing how to advocate for yourself is an important part of living where you choose. Check HOME Line for housing resources, free and low-cost legal and advocacy services for tenants, and more.

Buying your own home can be a great adventure! Though owning a home is a big responsibility, it's also sometimes cheaper than renting. To determine if buying is right for you, consider the total cost and your ability to maintain the home. Learn more about owning a home from Housing Benefits 101.

Homebuyer education
Before you jump in and purchase a home, educate yourself on your options — plus any information that may have changed, if you've bought other homes in the past. Check out Minnesota Housing Homebuyer Education and Resources and the Minnesota Home Ownership Center.

Down payment
Down payment and closing cost loans are available to eligible homeowners through Minnesota Housing.

Contact a lender
If you want to know how much money you can borrow to buy a home, use the find a lender directory to connect with a lender and start the qualification process. If you're working with a realtor, they may also have suggestions about lenders.

Sharing your home with a roommate can help reduce costs. You can also share responsibilities and build relationships. If you'd like to find a roommate, start your search by asking for recommendations from people you trust. Also use the tools on Housing Benefits 101, or HB101:

Life sharing might be another option. Life sharing is a relationship-based living arrangement that matches an adult who has a disability with a person or family who will share their life and experiences. Matches are based on things like shared preferences, interests and personality styles. Use this resource guide to learn about life sharing. 

If you're looking for a supervised housing situation, check the programs page on Housing Benefits 101. You'll see a list of options under the heading housing that includes services, including adult foster care, assisted living and group homes. If you choose to live in housing that includes services, know your rights (PDF) as a resident.

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