Envision your child's best life, then make a plan to get there.

Whether you’re facing an immediate need or looking years ahead, Hub experts can help you find solutions, make connections and take steps to move ahead.

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Resources for families

  • Parent and family supports

    Parent and family supports

    Disabilities affect the entire family. Navigate key supports, programs and services for siblings, parents and families.

  • Charting the LifeCourse for families

    Charting the LifeCourse for families

    You can make a plan that supports your child's best life. Charting the LifeCourse materials can help.

  • COVID-19 resources for families

    COVID-19 resources for families

    This collection of helpful COVID-19 resources is geared for families of children with disabilities.

  • Pregnancy and infancy

    Pregnancy and infancy

    Your parenting journey begins with pregnancy. See key supports, programs and resources for pregnancy and infancy.

  • Early childhood

    Early childhood

    You want to give your child the best possible start. Check out key supports, programs and resources for birth to age 5.

  • School age

    School age

    The school years provide opportunities for new experiences. Consider key supports, programs and services for school-age kids.

  • Transition to adulthood

    Transition to adulthood

    Moving from school to adulthood is a major change. Explore key supports, programs and services for young adults.

  • Adulthood


    You can continue to learn and grow your entire life. Get insight with our adulthood guide.

  • Aging


    Living your best life is important no matter your age. Here are helpful resources for older adults.

News highlights for families

A podcast for parents of kids on the autism spectrum

Tune in to Oxygen Mask, a new podcast series for parents of children with autism or other developmental differences.

For the parent of a newly diagnosed child, wading through information and decisions that come along with that diagnosis can be overwhelming. This podcast touches on advocacy, avoiding burnout and information overload, trusting yourself and remembering self-care.

Visit Communities Engaging Autism for more information »

A vision for your child's best life

You have a vision for your child's best life. You can use this vision to set positive expectations for the future.

The Charting the LifeCourse Life Trajectory worksheet can help you envision your child's best life and identify the steps and experiences needed to get there.

Read more about Charting the LifeCourse worksheets today »

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