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Informed Choice Toolkit:


Supported decision making

How to get started

Supported decision making can be as formal or informal as the decision maker prefers.

Many people choose to use a supported decision-making agreement. The agreement is a written plan developed by the decision maker and their team that describes who the supporters will be, what kind of decisions will be supported and what kind of support is being requested. Consider these sample supported decision-making agreements (PDF).

To determine what kind of decisions will be supported, use the Charting the LifeCourse supported decision-making tool. The tool provides an easy way to review various aspects of life decisions and the level of support needed. 

If you have questions about supported decision making, call Minnesota's Center for Excellence in Supported Decision Making Guardianship Information Line. The information line is answered by social workers who provide in-depth consults, advice and referrals, with an emphasis on identifying the least restrictive, most person-centered options for decision making. The information line is a statewide resource available to anyone, including people with disabilities, their families, community members and professionals.

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