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Share your story - Proud

All accomplishments, no matter if they're big or small, should be celebrated! Here at the Hub, we love to hear about your successes.

We asked people in our Virtual Insight Panel to share a moment when they felt proud of themselves and an accomplishment. Let's celebrate these wins together!


I feel very proud whenever I'm able to do something I had thought I may not be able to, due to difficulty walking. A few weeks ago, my two young sons and I camped in the backyard. I did not think I could put the tent away and clean up without help from my husband. It took me longer than a normal person, but I did it. It took longer and multiple trips to get everything to the garage, but I did it.

- Cassidy


One of the proudest [moments for me] was being able to successfully remove myself from unemployment after my initial diagnosis of my disability and the accompanying treatment. I remember being so proud to be active and moving around society again. It was even reaffirmed by an unemployment staffer at the county when I went in personally to notify them of the change. He proactively said "Congrats" and wished me well. It was nice to share my success with a stranger and then have them say such sweet things too. 

- Anonymous


Last month, my oldest son (20) obtained his driver's license. He received his permit in high school, and we did do the Courage Kenney driver assessment when he was 17. It was suggested that due to sporadic attention, it would be best for him to wait a bit until impulsiveness was more easily managed. When Grandpa offered to do some driving practice with him this spring, we were surprised he said yes. His skills developed rapidly and within a month he and Grandpa were getting daily practice all over the Twin Cities. Once he felt comfortable and ready, he scheduled his behind-the-wheel exam and passed on his first try. We were so excited for him because he worked hard, made a goal, and discovered a strength he didn't know he had in his life. Bravo to our E-man!

- Kammy


I felt proud when I was able to understand my daughter's disability enough to advocate for her. As I learn to take care of her, it becomes more routine. But, it doesn't get easier. Being able to help her have her best possible life makes me proud.

- Katherine


I applied with a photo I took to the Minnesota State Fair, expecting to not get in - there are hundreds of applications, and they're all amazing. I got accepted on my first try! Many people apply for years without ever getting in. Not only was my art shown, but it sold! That gave me the confidence to apply for art show booths.

- Anonymous


I usually feel more proud and fulfilled when I help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety individuals and families face during their disability journey. The satisfaction comes when families express their heartfelt appreciation for my support and guidance.

- David

If you have a moment where you felt proud of yourself or someone else, we'd love hear about it and celebrate together!

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