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VIP outcomes: 2022

In 2022, VIP members helped review different communication strategies.

Survey and focus group: Communication strategies

In January 2022, 60 VIP members completed a survey to identify those who were either receiving home and community services and supports or supporting someone who was. Of those 60 members, 20 were identified to participate in two focus groups. The participants discussed current Minnesota Department of Human Services communication strategies – from emails and the website to direct communication and coordinating with case workers and providers.

The VIP members shared:

  • A need for informational sessions on complex topics
  • Resources for specific questions
  • Less acronyms

Feedback will be used to develop new methods of talking with and reaching those being served.

Survey: Services and supports

In August 2022, 54 VIP members completed a survey to gather feedback on what new services and supports would be useful to help people with disabilities transition to community living. Based on the feedback received, Moving Home Minnesota will be prioritizing the following areas of service development:

  • Rent and utility deposits
  • Furnishings, supplies and equipment
  • Food security (pantry stocking)
  • Records and fees
  • Discretionary funds

The feedback from the VIP survey will be used to develop and implement new supplemental services for Moving Home Minnesota.

Survey: Communication strategies

In September 2022, 61 VIP members completed a survey to identify preferences between two different messages about assistive technology (AT). Disability Hub MN wanted to gauge the understanding and usage of QR codes to determine if this format could be incorporated into future outreach materials. Of the survey respondents, 93% indicated being aware of QR codes and 82% had used QR codes in the past. Learn more about QR codes.

In addition, the VIP members shared what they liked about the message they selected and what they did not like about the other message. This information will help shape future communication about assistive technology.

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