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VIP outcomes: 2023

Survey: Website review

In February 2023, 63 VIP members participated in a survey to provide feedback on a new website. The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) created a website with residential service termination information for people who use one of the disability waivers. The VIP members shared feedback on communication preferences and clarity of the information.

With this feedback, DHS will work to improve plain language and add additional definitions, details or examples to certain sections of the website.

Survey: Experiences and ideas

In March 2023, 95 people responded to a survey about their experience calling the Disability Hub MN. VIP members were asked questions about location of staff, call routing, voicemail options, and revolving recorded messages.

Of the results:

  • 25 people have never called the Hub before
  • 43 people have called in the past year
  • 27 have called over a year ago

Fifty-two people feel it is important or very important that the Hub staff who helps them live in the same region of the state as them. When asked about the member's experience with the revolving messages when they are on hold, 26 people said they listen to these messages and have learned something new. These results were used to make improvements to the caller's experience.

Survey: Services

In July 2023, 72 VIP members completed a survey to identify members who are on Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD) and earning less than $600 a month from employment. Of those 72 members, 15 were identified to participate in a follow-up interview to help identify ways to improve the MA-EPD program. Interviews will be held in December. Results from those interviews will be available in February 2024.

Survey: Grants

In September 2023, 99 VIP members from 21 counties completed a survey to identify service areas that Innovation Grants could fund in their upcoming Request for Proposals (RFP). The survey results highlighted the need to address issues, such as mental health, transportation, and accessibility and inclusion. 

The feedback from this VIP activity was shared with the Grants and Contracts team and it will be used in the next Innovation Grants RFP in 2024.

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