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E1MN: Self-paced training now available

New self-paced E1MN training is available to help you understand your role in supporting people on waivers with employment. Learn how to help people on waivers make informed choices about work and find and keep a job.

Training overview

This flexible training is designed for:

  • Waiver case managers
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services/State Services for the Blind (VRS/SSB) staff
  • Employment service providers
  • Supervisors of employment service providers 

You'll learn about:

  • Employment service expectations and outcomes
  • Accessing and using tools and resources
  • Responsibilities of all employment team members 
  • Carrying out the responsibilities of your role 

How to access the training

To get started, visit E1MN training in the Hub's Work Toolkit. Begin with Basic training for all roles, and then select the training that best fits your role:

As you complete the training, you're invited to share comments or suggestions. Click Give Feedback at the top of any training page.  

Support for supervisors

If you're a supervisor, guide your staff through the training. Begin with Basic training for all roles: Guidance for supervisors, and then check out tips for specific roles:

The supervisor pages offer ideas on how to use the training — such as including it in new employee onboarding, assigning specific sections to individual staff members, and then reviewing at staff meetings or check-ins. You'll also find answer keys for E1MN training activities and tips for debriefing with staff.

Dive into the E1MN training today!

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