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Housing stabilization topics:

Common questions

If you're eligible for Medical Assistance (MA), you might be able to use housing stabilization services to find and keep housing in the community. Here, see common questions about housing stabilization services.

No. Housing stabilization services are available to people with disabilities who are eligible for Medical Assistance (MA) and meet other eligibility criteria.

No. If you need help paying these expenses, check out ways to pay for rent or housing for people with disabilities (PDF).

There are three specific housing stabilization services:

  • Housing consultation helps you plan for housing based on your wants and needs. If you have a waiver case manager, targeted case manager or senior care coordinator, this person will provide this service.
  • Housing transition helps you plan for, find and move to housing of your own in the community.
  • Housing sustaining pays for supports and services to help you keep your housing in the community.

Go to Housing Benefits 101 to find out how to get housing stabilization services. If you're on a waiver, talk to your case manager about your options.