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Common questions

Home and community-based services (HCBS) waivers help pay for the services you need to live at home or in the community. Here, see common questions about HCBS waivers.

To qualify for an HCBS waiver:

  • You must be certified disabled by the Social Security Administration or the Minnesota State Medical Review Team (SMRT).
  • You must complete a MnCHOICES assessment through your county agency or tribe. Call to request an assessment. Find phone numbers in this tribal and county directory. The agency or tribe has 45 days from the request to complete the assessment.
  • You must qualify for disability-based Medical Assistance (MA) or Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD). You don't need to verify eligibility for MA before you request the MnCHOICES assessment, though.

No. A waiver helps pay for the services you need to live at home or in the community. A waiver doesn't pay your rent or mortgage. If you need help paying for housing, ask your county agency or tribe about the options. Here are some ways to pay for rent or housing (PDF). You can also explore your housing options and make a plan for housing at Housing Benefits 101.

An HCBS waiver provides services to support your health, welfare or safety. To see a full list of services, check the programs tab on the Minnesota Department of Human Services HCBS waivers page. Services can be provided in person or through remote support, based on your MnCHOICES assessment and discussion with your case manager. Find providers at MinnesotaHelp.

If you qualify for an HCBS waiver and want to manage your own services, such as hiring workers and making decisions about your services, consider consumer-directed community supports (CDCS). This service gives you more choice, control and responsibility for your services and supports.

Waiver Reimagine is a project that will simplify the waiver system and create more options for people who use disability waiver services. The waiver system should support you to lead a meaningful life based on your goals and what's important to you.

People with disabilities and their families have complained that waiver programs are too complex and hard to understand, and they don't provide enough flexibility, control or choice over services. Waiver Reimagine will help by:

  • Making the waiver system easier to understand and use
  • Giving you more control over your waiver services
  • Ensuring equal access to waiver programs for everyone who qualifies

Get updates and provide feedback at the Waiver Reimagine page.