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State Medical Review Team (SMRT) topics:

Common questions

Review common questions about the State Medical Review Team (SMRT) and the disability determination process.

You can request a SMRT certification even if you have already applied through SSA for a disability determination. The SSA process can be long and receiving a SMRT certification can typically be completed more quickly. A SMRT disability determination does not establish eligibility for any federal SSA benefits. If you receive a SSA disability determination, you no longer need the SMRT certification.  

If you are under the age of 18, you do need a SMRT disability determination.

SMRT can make the process go faster for people in certain situations that need access to state-funded disability services. 

Your county or tribal eligibility worker/team is responsible for submitting the SMRT request to the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). This happens after they receive your Medical Assistance application indicating you have a disability. 

The SMRT team at DHS receives the request from your county or tribal eligibility worker and begins the process of determining your disability status. 

The process can take anywhere from 6 weeks to a year. 

Once a SMRT disability analyst has been assigned, it is important to quickly respond to their requests for information. Let your health professionals know they may be contacted and make sure you provide authorization for them to share information to SMRT. 

To check on the status of your SMRT application, contact the SMRT hotline or have your county or tribal eligibility worker check their system. 

If there was an error or a delay due to the county or tribal eligibility worker’s submission, you can request that your SMRT process be expedited (or sped up). The SMRT disability analyst will look at your request and if you meet the criteria, your case can be reviewed faster.

The SMRT Application Checklist can help you understand your responsibilities during the application process, as well as the responsibilities of your county or tribal eligibility worker and the SMRT.

Talk with the Disability Hub MN or with your county or tribal eligibility worker about services you may be eligible for without a disability determination.

It depends on the condition or severity of the disability. The review period could be anywhere from 1 to 7 years after your initial determination. For children accessing Medical Assistance - Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (MA - TEFRA), certification can only be for up to 4 years before a review is required. When the disability period ends, the case is reviewed to decide if a continuing disability review is needed.

If you are no longer found to have a disability determination through SMRT, and you either haven’t received a determination from SSA, or did not request one, services paid through Medical Assistance (MA) based on your disability status will no longer be available to you. Talk with your county or tribal eligibility worker or the Disability Hub MN to learn about other options you may have.

There is a SMRT hotline (651-431-2493 or 1-800-235-7396) you can call to ask questions, follow-up on your case status, and speak to the disability analyst assigned to your case. 

After your case is submitted to SMRT for review and disability determination, and an analyst is assigned, you (and your authorized representative, if there is one) will receive a letter with the disability analyst’s name and direct phone number. If you have not received this letter, your case has not yet been assigned to a disability analyst. 

Your county or tribal eligibility worker should be able to look up your case status in their system. 

If you are asking someone else to assist you in contacting SMRT for your case status, make sure you have completed a Third Party Authorization/Release of Information before calling. This ensures that you’ve given permission for SMRT to share your information with the person calling.

SMRT hotline: 651-431-2493 or 1-800-235-7396