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Aging topics:

Key supports

As we age, our needs change — and so do our supports. Use the key supports listed below to help your family member balance rights, risks and independence as they get older.

Online support

  • Use the keyword search option in Facebook to find groups based on your situation. It's important to make decisions based on accurate information, so be sure to ask questions of your health care team, your local human services agency or other reputable sources. The Hub team can help, too.
  • ALZConnect®, powered by the Alzheimer's Association®, is a free online community with message boards and chat rooms, for everyone affected by Alzheimer's or another dementia.

Networking and support groups

Resources for older adults 

  • The Senior LinkAge Line is a free statewide service that supports older Minnesotans and their caregivers by answering common questions and providing connections to local services.
  • Live Well at Home helps older Minnesotans thrive by providing programs and resources that support independent living in their own homes.
  • The Minnesota Caregiver Resource Guide (PDF) from AARP provides resources for all stages of caregiving, from starting to plan or helping to coordinate a big move to taking care of a family member in your home.
  • Senior Community Services is a nonprofit organization with a mission to innovate and deliver services that meet the changing needs of older adults and their caregivers.
  • Friends & Co is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization committed to relieving isolation and loneliness among the elderly. 
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