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Using My Vault to support people

My Vault can make your job easier by providing tools and activities to help people explore their options, set goals and plan for the future. With My Vault, you and the people you support can plan and share information in a secure way.

As a professional, you can use My Vault to:

  • Connect and collaborate with others on a person's team
  • Access tools to help a person set and reach goals
  • Securely store and share files
  • Document steps a person takes toward informed choices about work, benefits and housing

A shared tool for planning across agencies
My Vault is a shared tool of the Hub, Disability Benefits 101 and Housing Benefits 101. You and the people you support can access their My Vault account through all three sites. People can use My Vault for all the planning in their life, no matter what agency or organization they are working with.

Learn more about My Vault by watching this 3 minute video:

Welcome to My Vault


Steps and guides to using My Vault as a professional:

My Vault has two types of accounts—one for people, and one for the professionals who support them. With a professional account, you'll have access to additional sharing and collaboration features, including advanced sorting and management of your files and contacts.

Creating a professional My Vault account
Use this 'How to' guide (PDF) or follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Click here to create an account
  • Step 2: Enter your email address and create a password. Note: Your password must have at least one special character that is not a letter or a number.
  • Step 3: Select an organization if one applies to you.
  • Step 4: Check the “I'm an employment professional or waiver case manager and need Vault Pro tools” box at the bottom of the form to request a professional account.
  • Step 5: Click Continue.
  • Step 6: Enter your supervisor’s name and email address and the reason for your request. This information will ensure your supervisor knows you are requesting a professional My Vault account and can monitor its use as needed.
  • Step 7: Click Submit. Your request for a pro-My Vault account is sent to Disability Hub MN for approval. Expect a response within two business days. During that time you can access your My Vault account's as a non-pro user, and once you get approval, you'll have access to the professional features.

Once you've created an account, click the 'My Vault' button in the menu area to get to your My Vault dashboard.

My Vault’s Files and Contacts areas are essential tools for collaborating with the people you support and others on their team.

Files and Contacts allow you to securely store and share contacts, activities, files and other important information as you assist people with planning and making informed choices around benefits, work and housing. My Vault allows a person and the members of their team to be connected and informed, which can help reduce confusion and the need for repeated communications.

Watch the 8 minute video below to learn more about how you can create contacts and store and share files as a professional.

My Vault: Files and contacts for professionals

You can use the activities in My Vault’s work, benefits planning and housing paths with the person to help them think about their options and answer questions. The results of the activities are stored securely and they can come back to review or update them any time.

The people you support should log in and complete activities in their own My Vault account, with your help if needed. That way they have access to them in the future and can easily share them with others. You can help the person log into their own My Vault account, sit with and guide them through each activity.

Planning for work
You can use the activities in My Vault's Work path to help the people you support build a plan for work; map the resources they have, and those they need, to help; and tell others what matters to them. Learn more about My Vault's work activities.

My Vault: Work Path

Planning for benefits
Watch the video below to learn more about My Vault's Benefits Planning path. You can use the activities in this path to help the people you support know what benefits they’re on, understand what might happen to their benefits when they go to work, set a goal for how much they want to earn and manage their benefits. Learn more about My Vault's benefits planning activities.

My Vault: Benefits Planning Path

Planning for housing
Watch the video below to learn more about My Vault's Housing paths. Use the activities in this path to help the people you support create a housing plan and explore their housing options. Learn more about My Vault's Housing activities.

My Vault: Housing Paths

While people should complete almost all My Vault activities in their own My Vault account, there are two activities that you may need to complete on behalf of a person in your professional My Vault account:

  • The Positive Summary
    The Positive Summary, in the Plan for Work path, was created as a professional tool to help summarize everything that has been learned during the Plan phase of employment. For this activity, you will log into your own My Vault account and walk through the activity together with the person and then share the finished Positive Summary with them in their My Vault account. Learn more about the Positive Summary.
  • Get a Benefits Lookup
    If you are a Vocational Rehabilitation staff, there may also be times when you will need to request a Benefits Lookup on behalf of a person you support. This activity is located in the Benefits Planning path. To do the “Getting a benefits lookup” activity on behalf of a person, you must have a signed release of information from the person. When completing this activity, be sure to check the box “Send a copy of the results to the client” and attach the person’s signed Release of Information. Once you submit this activity, you will get a notification in your My Vault account within two business days that the benefits lookup report is done and ready for review. The report will also be sent to the person if you chose that option. Learn more about the Get a Benefits Lookup activity, and how to use it to confirm long-term supports.

To complete the Positive Summary or Get a Benefits Lookup activity on behalf of a person:

  • Step 1: Sign in
    Sign in to your professional My Vault account and go to your My Vault dashboard. Then, click on the “Planning Paths” link.
  • Step 2: Start a Pro Session
    In the planning paths area, use the dropdown menu to start a “Pro Session” for the person by choosing their name from the menu. Or, if the person isn’t already listed, choose the “Create a contact” option to add them to your My Vault contacts. Once you’ve selected a name, an orange line will appear, highlighting the Planning Paths area to remind you that you are doing an activity for, or with, someone else.
  • Step 3: Navigate to and complete the activity
My Vault Guides

Looking to introduce My Vault to someone you support?

Direct them to the Hub's My Vault: Planning tools and more page, where they'll find information, videos and guides to learn more.

Instructional videos for people can also be found inside their My Vault account. Tell people to look for the ‘How-to’ buttons in the Planning Paths area.

PDF guides

Frequently asked questions:

Your role is to:

  • Help people you support understand what My Vault is and how it can be useful to them.
  • Help people you support create their own My Vault account for their personal use. In some cases you may connect the person to another professional who can help them create their own My Vault account.
  • Create your own My Vault account to:

    – Better understand what My Vault is and how it can be useful for the people you support,

    – Do planning activities with the people you support, and

    – Securely store and share documents and activities with the people you support and other professionals who support them.

Yes, My Vault is secure. No one outside of the person has access to the information in their My Vault account. All information in My Vault is encrypted, password protected, and meets security requirements. Learn more about My Vault's data privacy.

The Disability Hub MN—Terms and Conditions section has information about security and data privacy.

While using My Vault to help with collaboration between agencies is encouraged, it is best to have the person you support do their own activities and share their own information using My Vault whenever possible. If the person wants you to share information on their behalf, remember you are responsible to ensure proper releases of information are signed and included if transmitting any personally identifiable information.

The My Vault password can be easily reset by clicking on “Forgot password?” link in the “Sign into My Vault” box. Enter the email address associated with the person's account and click “Submit”. A password reset email will be sent to the person and they can reset their password.