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Online person-centered organizational training now available

New person-centered organizational modules are now available through Positive Supports Minnesota.

These online module-based trainings are designed for small and medium Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Provider Organizations. Each module walks through tools and resources to guide organizations as they work towards becoming a more person-centered organization. They can be completed at a pace that works for the team, no mandatory attendance required.

The modules include:

  • Overview of HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Practices
  • Using a Team Approach to Build on Person-Centered Practices
  • Confirming Readiness to Implement Person-Centered Changes
  • Assessing Your Organization’s Strengths and Needs
  • Creating an Action Plan for Person-Centered Changes
  • Making Person-Centered Practices Part of Everyday Work Routines
  • Evaluating Person-Centered Practices Over Time
  • Problem Solving When Person-Centered Related Challenges Occur

Real person-centered changes are possible when everyone is involved in making changes together. Using a team approach to build on strengths and working smarter not harder is a key to success. These modules can be used by people supported, direct support staff, families, supervisors and leaders working together as a team.

Provider teams are striving to reflect their person-centered values in the everyday work of supporting people. Using person-centered language can be a starting place for changing the culture of an organization, but lasting change occurs when the team works together to:

  • Improve the overall climate within HCBS,
  • Edit or write new policies supporting person-centered efforts,
  • Embed tools into meetings and problem-solving,
  • Increase awareness and acceptance of diversity,
  • Support staff in learning new skills, and
  • Monitor and assess how HCBS is changing over time.

For more information on the training, watch the Overview of HCBS Person-centered and Positive Support Practices Modules video.

To explore the HCBS modules, visit Positive Supports Minnesota.

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