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VIP outcomes: 2021

In 2021, VIP members participated in an online activity providing feedback about their experience as a VIP member and their experiences as a person with a disability.

Survey: Experiences of people with disabilities

In October 2021, 45 VIP members completed a survey to share their lived experiences of living with a disability or supporting someone with a disability. These questions were asked to collect experiences and stories of how people are living their best life.

  • Tell us about a moment when you felt proud.
  • Tell us about something you've learned that could help others.
  • Tell us about how you've worked through a tough situation.
  • Tell us about who has supported you the most in your life or about a time when you felt supported?
  • Is there anything else you want to share about your experiences within the disability community?

Some responses will be published on the Hub's website, Facebook, newsletter or in Hub marketing materials.

Online activity: Feedback about experience as a VIP member

In February 2021, 69 VIP members completed an activity to provide feedback about their experience as a VIP member. The majority of participants (85%) said they had a very positive or somewhat positive experience with the VIP. A few (12%) stated it was very difficult or somewhat difficult to get help from Hub staff to resolve a problem with a VIP survey.

The VIP workgroup has made a commitment to do more testing of the survey before the survey is published, list the preferred web browsers for the surveys, and list a contact name to get help if needed.  In addition, the minimum compensation has increased from $5 to $10.

Survey: Definition of roles in My Vault

In April 2021, more than 50 VIP members completed a survey about roles related to professionals who help people with disabilities plan for, find or maintain employment. Most participants understood common roles, like "case manager" and "guardian," but were less familiar with terms like "school work coordinator" or "Assertive Community Treatment Team."

The VIP members suggested the following changes to the definitions:

  • Be more clear about what types of answers and information they can help with
  • Provide more detail and examples of what they can do for you
  • Make them less wordy
  • Be more specific

The feedback from the VIP survey will be used to update and refine the role titles and definitions in My Vault Build a Team activities.

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