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Employment First eList: November 2021

We heard you!
Many of you told us it would be helpful for people with disabilities to be able to do person-centered planning activities and securely store and share documents electronically. We also heard it would be helpful to have a tool to support collaboration between professionals supporting people with disabilities.

Good news! My Vault is a secure personal account that was developed for people with disabilities and those who support them. It allows users to explore and plan, store and share files, create contact lists, and document activities that lead to informed choice.       

With My Vault, people with disabilities can:

  • Access their own information, plans and resources (even after graduation, for those in high school or a transition program) 
  • Securely store and share files and other information 
  • Complete activities and tools to help plan and prepare for work, housing and life
  • See who's on their team and who can help with what
  • Maintain contact information for everyone on their team 

Support professionals can:

  • See contact information for other team members
  • Document steps taken to reach an informed choice
  • Securely store and share files and other information
  • Access planning tools and activities to use with people they support

Learn more about My Vault today! Watch this 3-minute video to learn how to create a My Vault account, create contacts, and store and share files.

Dive in to check your knowledge
Many of us learn by doing. Take a few minutes to complete this challenge!

  1. Create your own My Vault account, if you haven't already. (Use this instruction sheet as a guide.)
  2. Sign in to your My Vault account.
  3. Go to the planning paths and complete one of the activities in the work path.
  4. Upload a file into your My Vault account.

Training and events

  • Positive summary training. The positive summary highlights what was learned during the plan phase to help shape work goals and future success. When the person is ready to move on to the find phase, Waiver Employment Development-Plan Phase providers are responsible for completing the positive summary and then helping the person share it with other members of the team. Watch this training video (11:04) to learn more about the positive summary and how to use it.
  • Regional collaboration launch events. To support teams and offices across Minnesota in building the strong partnerships that are critical to a person-centered employment supports system, DHS and DEED are partnering with the Improve Group to offer regional collaboration meetings. These meetings will help local areas jump start or expand existing collaboration efforts to strengthen their partnerships. Save the date and time for your regional launch event! Find more information under E1MN trainings and events.
  • New way to connect. Use the new E1MN request form for questions, feedback and other requests for the E1MN team. The form will automatically route to the E1MN team or the appropriate state agency, depending on the content.
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