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Adulthood topics:

Adulthood: Overview

A person in a wheelchair is sitting at an office desk. They are holding a three-ring binder filled with paper. A computer, phone and file folders are in the background.

As adults, we continue to learn and grow. It's important to continue to set goals, find supports, build relationships and plan for the future.

This section covers:

  • Key supports

    Key supports can help your family member balance rights, risks and independence as they work, live and enjoy life.

  • Programs and services

    To navigate adulthood, find the programs and services that can help your family member plan for their best life.

  • Legal

    Knowing your family member's rights is important for making informed decisions.

  • Resources

    Here's a starter kit of helpful resources for adults with disabilities and their families.

  • Planning and advocacy

    Planning throughout your family member's life is important to ensure they are living their best life.