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Take control of your personal financial life.

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“My dream is to have a career that allows me to support myself without having to pinch pennies every month — the same aspirations as everybody.”
– A Hub user

Money topics:

Money management

You have the right to control your money and make your own financial decisions. From budgeting to money management, this section will give you tools and guides to help you succeed.

In this section, explore:

  • Budgeting

    Making a budget and a monthly spending plan can help you use your money wisely — and keep more money in your pocket. 

  • Debt and credit

    If debt has piled up and your credit score is in trouble, remember that you're still in control. Small steps can lead to big changes.

  • Savings and assets

    Saving money is important. It might seem impossible now, but taking small steps can move you toward a brighter future.

  • Taxes and tax credits

    Tax season can be challenging, especially when money is tight. Tax credits can lower the taxes you owe or increase your tax refund.

  • Help managing money

    If you're not comfortable managing your money, there are tools and people who can help.