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“My dream is to have a career that allows me to support myself without having to pinch pennies every month — the same aspirations as everybody.”
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Minnesota cash benefits

If you don't have enough money to meet your basic needs or pay for child care, you might be eligible for cash assistance. Here are highlights of a few programs and instructions on how to apply.

Here are highlights of a few Minnesota cash benefit programs:

Minnesota Supplemental Aid
Minnesota Supplemental Aid, or MSA, is a program that gives a monthly cash benefit to older adults and people with disabilities who are either getting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or would be eligible for SSI if they had less income or fewer assets. The MSA benefit is in addition to SSI payments. Get the details on MSA from Disability Benefits 101.

General Assistance
The General Assistance, or GA, program helps single people or couples who don't have children pay for basic needs like rent and clothing. Get the details on GA from Disability Benefits 101.

Child care assistance
The Child Care Assistance Program helps families pay for child care so parents can work, go to school or look for a job. For details, check out this guidebook: Do you need help paying for child care? (PDF) 

Emergency assistance 
Emergency assistance programs provide short-term assistance (usually a one-time payment) for people experiencing a financial hardship, such as an eviction or utility shutoff. For emergency assistance, contact your county agency or tribe. Find phone numbers in this tribal and county directory.

Disability Benefits 101

Minnesota cash benefits
See which programs may help you pay for basic needs »

You can fill out a single application for all of the Minnesota cash benefits. After you submit the application, your assigned financial worker may call you for an interview.

You can apply online at MNbenefits. Or, fill out the combined application form and mail it or bring it to your county agency or tribe. You can also ask your county agency or tribe for an application. Find phone numbers in this tribal and county directory.

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