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Benefits Planning Toolkit:


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The importance of benefits planning

Benefits planning is the person-centered process of reviewing and understanding the impact of work on public benefits. With benefits planning, you can help people make informed choices that will support their ability to get ahead financially.

Why benefits planning matters
For many people, work supports quality of life. In addition to providing more income, work is a great way to meet and connect with people, increase confidence, and provide structure, routine and stability. However, many people don't work, or limit the amount they work, because they're afraid of what will happen to their benefits when they work.   

All public benefit programs in Minnesota have special rules that let people with disabilities have more monthly income and keep their health coverage and access to other benefits while working. Still, few people understand the rules and misinformation is widespread.

Benefits planning helps ensure that people with disabilities:

  • Have accurate information about their current benefits and how to manage them
  • Know what benefits are available and how to get them
  • See the impact of work on public benefits
  • Understand benefit work rules and how work impacts benefits
  • Know how to request and implement work incentives
  • Realize they can build financial stability through work and savings

Choose your training level
Next, check out the benefits planning training levels to find the right level of information for you.

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