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Benefits Planning Toolkit:


Level 2 training: Go deeper

Orientation to My Vault

This course will provide you with more details about My Vault, a key tool to support you in helping people plan for benefits and work.

You will be introduced to My Vault’s planning paths and activities, and its contacts and files areas, and how you can use these features in a professional My Vault account to support people. For more learning objectives, see all of the level 2 learning objectives.

Who is this course for?
This course is designed for professionals who support people with disabilities in making informed choices about work, like special education teachers, case managers, vocational rehabilitation counselors and employment service providers.

Learning components:

  • “Welcome to My Vault” video (3.5 minutes)
  • "My Vault: Files and Contacts for professionals" video (8.5 minutes)
  • "My Vault: Benefits Planning Path" video (4 minutes)
  • Related resources (see below)

Course requirements
This course will take about 16 minutes to complete and requires the ability to view PDF documents and watch and listen to online videos (see below).

Welcome to My Vault

Start learning more about My Vault by watching this 3 minute video. This video is also available on the Hub's My Vault page. Share this video with the people you support to introduce them to My Vault.

Welcome to My Vault


My Vault: Files and Contacts for professionals

My Vault makes it easy for you to securely and seamlessly share information with the people you support and collaborate with the rest of their team—all in one place! Watch this video to learn more about how to set up your contacts, and understand how to store and share files.

My Vault: Files and contacts for professionals


My Vault: Benefits Planning Path

Watch this video to learn more about the Benefits Planning path. You can use the activities in this path to help the people you support know what benefits they’re on, understand what might happen to their benefits when they go to work, set a goal for how much they want to earn and manage their benefits.

My Vault: Benefits Planning Path


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