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Work Toolkit:

Supporting people on waivers

Grow your effectiveness in supporting people on waivers who want to work by gaining a deep understanding of the Engage Plan Find Keep framework and the roles and responsibilities of a person’s employment support team. The E1MN training section helps professionals to go deep on the framework through engaging scenarios and guided learnings on best practices for applying the framework.

For help finding information or to get answers about E1MN, use the E1MN request form.

  • The Engage Plan Find Keep framework
    Learn about the framework created by E1MN to show how waiver and VRS/SSB services support people at different phases of the path to employment.

  • Roles and responsibilities
    Get an overview of the various professionals that may be involved in a person's employment journey and the support they can provide.

  • E1MN training
    Professional development on the Engage Plan Find Keep framework including trainings for specific roles and basic training for all roles.

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