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Work Toolkit:

Supporting people

Everyone can work, given the right supports — and your belief that employment is possible can strongly influence whether someone chooses to work, regardless of disability.

For help introducing work to the people you support, check out our flyer on your right to work (PDF).

Then, find step-by-step guides to helping people fulfill their employment goals in the pathways below. Use these guides to have conversations about employment, address barriers, coordinate services and champion employment success. The guides also provide links to helpful tools and resources you can use along the way.

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    Not working, wants to work
    Find resources to help people who want to work define their goals as well as find and secure a job.

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    Not working, has concerns
    Use the information in this section to open conversations about employment, address concerns and find solutions.

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    Even when a job is secure, employment conversations remain important. Understand your role as a support professional.

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