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Youth in Transition Toolkit:


E1MN partnership

E1MN is Minnesota's state agency partnership to advance Employment First outcomes for youth and adults with disabilities.

Employment supports for people with disabilities span multiple state agencies, which can be complicated for all involved. E1MN coordinates and brings things together to help the system make more sense for everyone.

The E1MN partnership is led by the State of Minnesota Departments of Education (MDE), Employment and Economic Development (DEED), and Human Services (DHS).

  • MDE – Career and Technical Education and Special Education
  • DEED – Vocational Rehabilitation Services and State Services for the Blind
  • DHS – Disability Services Division

Any reference to E1MN signifies shared efforts and agreements across DHS, DEED and MDE.

Learn more about E1MN and transition planning
In this 4 minute video, leaders from the E1MN partnership discuss the purpose of the youth in transition toolkit and how the Minnesota transition framework ensures that all professionals have the guidance and resources they need to help all youth with disabilities get the supports they need to live their best lives.

E1MN: Helping youth live their best lives

E1MN works to deliver a seamless and timely employment support system for youth and adults with disabilities so they understand their options and get what they need to achieve and maintain competitive integrated employment.

The E1MN Youth partnership is focused on improving employment outcomes for transition-age youth (ages 14 to 22). 

To learn more about the E1MN youth partnership, check out this overview of current and ongoing efforts (PDF).

To receive announcements related to supporting transition services, Pre-employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) and competitive integrated employment outcomes for youth with disabilities, sign up for the  E1MN Youth Professionals mail list.


See how E1MN helps teams collaborate, makes their jobs easier, and advances Employment First outcomes across the state.

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