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Youth in Transition Toolkit:



Skills for success

Understand work ethics

Does the youth display work ethics?

Work ethics include attributes such as honesty, dependability, loyalty, reliability, and willingness to follow workplace policies, procedures and rules.

  • Awareness: Understand work ethics and the importance of ethics in the work environment.
  • Exploration: Identify personal strengths, preferences, interests and needs related to work ethics.
  • Preparation: Practice work ethics at home, school and in the community.
  • Implementation: Demonstrate work ethics on the job (for example, attend work as scheduled, call in sick appropriately, communicate requests for time off or schedule changes, follow policies).

Workplace readiness training

LEARN: Develop your knowledge

Learn how to help youth in understanding work ethics.

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DO: Work with youth

Find resources to help youth understand work ethics.

Habits of work is a soft skills curriculum you can use by itself or with extended learning opportunities, internships and other work-related learning experiences.

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