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Youth in Transition Toolkit:


My best life

To support youth as they develop their best lives, consider the importance of self-advocacy and planning. To make sure everyone is working toward the same goals, encourage families to set high expectations and develop a vision for what a good life looks like for their child.

  • Overview
    Use the Charting the LifeCourse framework to help youth develop a vision for their future and discover what it takes to live their best lives.

  • Self-awareness
    Help youth understand their traits, feelings, motivations and actions, as well as recognize how they're perceived by others.

  • Developing a vision
    Help youth develop a vision for their best life.

  • Advocating for a best life
    Help youth develop self-advocacy skills and an understanding of disability awareness and disability rights.

  • Planning for a best life
    Help youth establish goals and identify steps to reach those goals.

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